Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I went to campus for the first time on Sunday. I had been hoping to ask about my enrollment and where my faculty was, but absolutely everything was closed, even the library. I had been hoping to explore the library a little bit because I only have one book here (the wonderful Jack Maggs) and I get panicky when I think I might run out of things to read. That's all right. There are two bookstores nearby, not including the one in the mall, and if I am willing to splurge I can find other literature.

Victoria Park

Lodge at Victoria Park

The campus being closed down was not a huge loss, as I got to take photos of the lawn, the buildings, and nearby Victoria Park. Victoria Park is attached to the university campus, and leaving my residence building it is the first thing you see when you walk down to the crosswalk (crosswalks do exist here! They even have push button signals like we do at home!). It is a beautiful big grassy space with avenues of ancient gnarled Australian trees, a large pond with ducks and a bridge over it, a fenced area with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, picturesque stone lodges, and many paved trails. Every time I go through I see lots of people lolling on the grass, talking, eating, jogging or cycling.

The front of the University of Sydney

University Grounds

Inside the Quadrangle-lawns

More lawns

The flag

Stained glass windows in the Great Hall

Then I came to the university itself. My geesh, it is wonderful. When I describe it, I have to keep saying the word "gorgeous" over and over. Because that's what it is. The buildings are made of sandstone and built in an imposing Victorian style. They have carvings and gargoyles and stained glass windows like a cathedral. Inside the main arch are two bronze war memorials. It's like being at Oxford. The lawns are lined by shady trees, there are fountains and sculptures, and the architecture is amazing. I am so glad I am attending! It's such a beautiful campus that I wish I'd spent my undergrad here too!

Unidentified bird

Cockatoo in the Park

Australian ibises

A White Ibis up close

And to encourage my interest in birdwatching, there are some amazing exotic birds both in the park and on-campus. White and yellow cockatoos screeching and performing acrobatics in the trees, all kinds of ducks, small birds that look like finches, these grounded black and white birds that are Australian White Ibises and look like ancient Egyptian paintings, and I think I even saw a swan!

It's amazing here! I think I'm going to enjoy my studies...

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