Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Tour of My Room

Because I haven't posted many photos of it yet, here is a short tour of my room.

Beside the door, my dining chair and table
My wardrobe and staircase leading to the loft


"Salon-style" bathroom doors. At first I thought it was a closet. No lock.

My bathroom

The shower

My favorite part of the flat is the living room, with my armchair, TV, big windows and desk.

The loft portion. Note the large Beam intersecting the room. It is at shoulder-level, so I have to duck around it a lot.

The air conditioner in the loft
My bed with matching bedclothes. I am may need another blanket soon, since the quilt is very lightweight.

So, now you know where I live! I keep thinking that the empty side of the loft would make a great yoga studio, but then I realize that I don't know yoga.

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